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Setting up ODCs

Sesame has commendable expertise in setting up Offshore Development Centers (ODC) with specialised and niche skills in IT industry. Other companies across the world can leverage their technical strength by connecting with sesame for any such kind of specialized or niche skills requirement without taking the pain of building a team internally. If a clear road map is provided, we can build an ODC team from scracth exactly matching to the technical requirements given to us.

Advantage for clients
  • No need to take the pain of recruitment
  • No need to take the pain of training
  • No need to take the pain of managing the team
  • No need to take the pain of maintaining Infrastructure and Payroll
  • Within short time clients can claim the capability of doing projects in latest or niche skill technology with the back end support of Sesame's ODC

We have been successfully serving veteran clients from places like  
US , UK, Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore
in this model for more than five years.

Some of our recently set up ODCs for clients at abroad are in the areas like
Cloud based product development
Business intelligence and Data warehousing
Big data Solutions
UI designing, Web development

Our clients are enjoying 100% benefits of cheaper operational cost in Kerala with excellent quality works delivered from our ODCs.

Sesame can setup ODCs in BO (Build & Operate) and BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) mode

To know more details about setting up an ODC at our labs,
Feel free to call us :    +91 9349138146 or mail to Sheen@sesametechnologies.net