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Online Travel Agents (OTA) are playing a vital role in booking flights, hotels and transportation across the world. Internet has simplified the process of booking these services from any where in the world with a few clicks from our cell phone !

In this competitive scenario, Sesame presents OTAs, an array of solutions based on data analytics, which will help them to increase revenue and also to give personalised experiences for their customers and prospects.

Our Solutions for Online Travel Agency


Analytics on booking data and decision making dashboards for customer support managers

Look-to-book Analysis

Insight on how many visitors came to your booking portal, how many of them transacted and how many of them dropped

Book-to-fly Analysis

Personalized customer experience for passengers till they fly which will bring them again to your portal

Real-time recommendation

Recommendations for existing users, new users and visitors which will help you increasing the revenue


Tempting and automated selling methods based on customer behaviour and need based analysis

En-cashing Your Data, Save Manpower, Increase Revenue, Personalized Experience for customers and prospects, Quick decision making, Automated CRM, Risk prediction
Pluggable solution, High volume data management, Real time results, Saas & On Premise Models, Open Source technology, Fast and Responsive

When data analytics can increase your revenue why waiting to connect with us !
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