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Real time analytics

Real Time Recommendation Engine for Online retail stores

Real Time Recommendations in online retail stores?

  • Would you be interested if we can tell you what are the products that are more likely to be purchased by the logged in user right now ?
  • Would you find value, if we can give some tips which will help you to tempt a customer at your online store to do a transaction !
  • Have you ever asked the question why your visitors dropped from your website ?
  • Would you be interested to know what's the factor that visitors did not like in your online store ?
  • Will you be happy to see what was the best thing that a visitor liked at your online store ?

Sesame Real Time Recommendation Engine gives you much more insights and recommendations about your prospects/customers !!
We help you make more business simply by doing real time analytics !

To know more about our real time analytics solutions and
also to talk to our data scientist,
please email to sales@sesametechnologies.net
or call +91 9349138146